Review Procedure

Moscow University Oriental Studies Bulletin”

Review Procedure


  1. All research articles submitted for publication will undergo peer review by two Reviewers and the members of the Editorial Board. Manuscript is considered accepted for the publication only after receiving positive reviews from both Reviewers and members of the Editorial Board.
    1. The Reviewers are selected from the faculty of the Institute of Asian and African Studies (Lomonosov Moscow State University) or other leading Russian or foreign Asian and African studies Institution. A Reviewer must have an academic degree and publications in the corresponding field of studies in the last three years. The Reviewers are chosen by the Editorial Board.
    2. If a Reviewer has a conflict of interests with the author or authors, the Editorial Board finds new expert.
    3. Evaluating of the paper process is based on a “double-blind peer review” principle.
    4. Review process takes up to 3 months.
    5. When evaluating the paper, the Reviewers use a single form of the report, where the paper is characterized according to the following criteria:  1) does it match the scope of the Bulletin? 2) does the title match the contents of the paper? 3) could the material be considered new and original?; 4) does the abstract match the contents of the paper?; 5) use of the sources and latest research; 6) logic of presentation and arguments; 7) correct use of language, style, professional terminology, research tools; 8) valid conclusions; 9) quality of English-language abstract; 10) correct layout of the article; 11) absence of plagiarism or other forms of professional ethics violation.
    6. In the “Reviewer’s comments” the Reviewers elaborate on their evaluation.
    7. In the Review form one of the five options for a decision should be indicated: 1) the paper is recommended for publication as a priority material; 2) the paper is recommended for publication in due order; 3) the paper is recommended for publication after minor revisions; 4) the paper could not be recommended for publication without major revisions; 5) the paper could not be recommended for publication.
      1. According to the recommendations of the Reviewers manuscript may be sent back to the author for revision. In this case the author should make the revisions and resubmit the manuscript within the time period set by the Editorial Board. Revised manuscript is evaluated by the Editorial Board and could be sent for the follow-up review.
      2. If the manuscript receives negative reviews the Editorial Board could decide to reject it. In this case the author is to be duly notified and provided with elaborated reasons for rejection.
  2. Positive reviews do not guarantee the acceptance. Final decision in all cases lies with the Editorial Board.
  3. Original reviews of submitted manuscripts remain deposited for 5 years and could be sent to the author on request. The Editorial Board supplies the reviews of submitted manuscripts on request from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
    1. In the purposes of evaluating the quality of the Bulletin’s Review process the experts of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) might request to submit the reviews to the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU in the closed-access mode. In this case the Reviewers shall sign an Agreement for such submissions.






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